24/ 01/ 17

SiliSponge Review and Demo

Move over BeautyBlender and make room for the SiliSponge [sil-ahh-sponge]…or maybe not. Today I am going to break down the pros and cons to this little device to help y’all out. Can we take a second and think about all the money us makeup wearing beauty queens wear in a year….A LOT. So why not try to find ways to help minimize that waste?Read more »

13/ 11/ 16

Lash it up with new Russian Volume Lashes

img_3294 img_3305

When you LASH IT UP, it allows you to have a quick injection of glam to your life. As “high maintenance” as it may seem, it’s actually the opposite if you’re an avid lash purchaser. I not only am done with strip lashes but am able to wake up in the Read more »

11/ 08/ 15

Makeup| An everyday makeup look


IMG_6806 IMG_6804

This was a look I put together for a family birthday dinner that I went to. I also made a YouTube makeup tutorial of a step-by-step process for this application of makeup. With that said, if you’re more into watching and less into reading (CLICK HERE).


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01/ 08/ 15

Makeup| A versatile evening look


STEP 1: Before you start purchasing hundreds of dollars worth of makeup you must INVEST in a solid base. AKA, you MUST, MUST, MUST find skincare products that work for you, your life schedule and financial situation. Once you’ve found what makes your skin look its best, which is usually; sleep, water, great sweat, a good cleanser, and proper nutrition. Now you can move on to purchasing makeup that enhances the beauty that you lovely ladies already possess.

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