Why did you start this blog/website?  I started this lifestyle blog so I could inspire people, answer questions and become more involved in the social media industry. More importantly it is a non serious way for me…Brieanna Burlington to let lose and get those creative juices flowing. Being passionate about style, fitness, YEG culture, and food is the essence of what Organically Posh is all about.


Where did the name OrganicallyPosh come from? I knew I wanted the word “posh” in the title because I think every women has a posh side to her. Whether or not that woman lets the posh chick show is up to her but she’s in all of us somewhere. After that I started throwing in words that worked well with posh and landed on “organically”. Bing, Bang, BOOM, it was born!


What is your education? I attended (NAIT) Northern Alberta Institute of Technology for College and received my diploma in 2010 Radio & Television (Television). As of recently I just became a certified Canfitpro Personal Training Specialist (PTS) and look forward to working within this industry.


You do a lot of makeup and hair posts, did you take classes for this? Once upon a time I worked at Murale in West Edmonton Mall which is owned by shoppers Drug Mart. I did not have any experience but wanted so badly to work as a makeup Artist. At the time I had a friend (Kayla) that worked at the store and she was kind enough to take responsibility for me and teach me about the basics. It is because of her I have been able to grow and apply makeup on the level that I do right now. With that said, I still have a long ways to go and am in no way a professional makeup artist. I am just an everyday, Organically Posh gal.


For business inquires ONLY, please contact: inquires@organicallyposh.com




Organically Posh is a lifestyle website by me, Brieanna Burlington. Have a look around and I hope you enjoy the website to its fullest.

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