Why did you start this blog/website?  I started this lifestyle blog so I could inspire people, answer questions and become more involved in the social media industry. More importantly it is a non serious way for me to let lose and get those creative juices flowing.

I wanted to share parts of my life through Organically Posh while making connections with other like-minded women. Organically Posh is a lifestyle blog for the everyday woman who considers herself fun, independent, passionate, and effortlessly fabulous. Content such as fashion & style, local culture, beauty, and health are covered along with videos on my YouTube channel. Having a love for life while being the fabulous person that you are is the essence of what Organically Posh is all about.


Where did the name Organically Posh come from? I knew I wanted the word “posh” in the title because I think every women has a posh side to her. Whether or not that woman lets the posh side show is up to her but she’s in all of us somewhere. After I was content with posh, I started throwing in words that worked well with posh and landed on “organically”. Bing, Bang, BOOM, it was born!


What is your education? I attended (NAIT) Northern Alberta Institute of Technology for College and received my diploma in 2010 Radio & Television (Television). I am certified Canfitpro Personal Training Specialist (PTS) and enjoy keeping fit and helping others do the same. Developing this blog made sense to me since I have my diploma in Television, love fashion, and I try to live as healthy as a lifestyle as I can. By molding all the different facets of my life into this blog I am able to lead by example and hopefully inspire other woman to live their happiest life.


You do a lot of makeup and hair posts, did you take classes for this? Once upon a time, I worked at a company called Murale which is owned by Shoppers Drug Mart. I did not have any experience but wanted to work as a makeup Artist. At the time, I had a friend (Kayla) that worked at the store and was kind enough to take responsibility for me and teach me about the basics. It is because of her I have been able to grow and apply makeup on the level that I do right now. With that said, I am in no way a professional makeup artist. I am just an every day, Organically Posh gal.


For business inquires ONLY, please contact: inquires@organicallyposh.com



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 Organically Posh is a lifestyle blog based in Alberta, Canada. Thank you for stopping by and visiting! Please take a look at some of the articles and follow me on social media.

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