26/ 12/ 15

Leaner Creamer| Drink coffee and lose weight?

Leaner Creamer

Leaner Creamer is all over Instagram and keeps popping up on my feed weekly. This company has done a wonderful job with their marketing, creating a product for the hottest trend setters on Insta. This product was created as an alternative to the fatty coffee creamers that are on the market currently.

“Leaner Creamer revolutionizes the cherished ritual of coffee drinking by adding the benefits of appetite suppression and weight-loss while you enjoy your java! Leaner Creamer LLC is a family owned company headquartered in Los Angeles, California We are innovators in the diet and health industry, dedicated to providing healthy and delicious alternatives to creamers that are high in fat and laden with chemicals. Leaner Creamer LLC maintains an uncompromising commitment to quality and to promoting health. DRINK UP!!”Leanercreamer.com

You can purchase this bad boy online for a one time only purchase OR signup for automatic shipments. If you do decided to signup for the automatic shipments you can cancel at any time and have no obligations to continue with the purchase which I love to hear. I originally purchased this to see if it would limit my breakouts- dairy makes me break out- while I drink my morning cup of coffee. I found that I still broke out from this product since there is dairy in the ingredients but the taste was good. Below is a list of pro’s and con’s for Leaner Creamer.

Leaner Creamer Pro’s

  • Great packaging and design of the product.
  • When I received the package, it came with some recipes that used Leaner Creamer in it. How fun!
  • The taste was good, nothing outstanding but given the first 2 points I was pleased.
  • It said it would help to suppress my appetite therefore allowing me to lose weight which is an added benefit. Let me just add, I do not need to loose weight and have not used this product religiously enough to notice any sort of affect.

Leaner Creamer Con’s

  • If I am going to get really picky it is man made. I believe you can and should enjoy natural fat like butter and cream but in small quantities. If you’re going to put cream in your coffee just do it, like NIKE. (Bad joke).
  • Glass bottle may break if you’re prone to being clumsy.
  • There is lactose in the product which rules out people with milk sensitivities.

Overall, I would purchase this bottle of creamer again. Leaner Creamer can be all yours for $17.95 not including shipping and taxes.

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